Face Masks

Parameters of face masks
2 layers of cotton
Standard: 19.5x17 cm
For children: 17x14 cm
Tight fastening
with laces
Possible to wash
in boiling water.
with ironing
Is not for medical
Why with Exprestasuddenly sews masks?
Corona COVID-19 took us and our every-day customers by surprise
Small shops, coffee-bars or hairdressers which used to order posters and leaflets had to be closed. Business meetings where people exchange business cards do not take place.
Conferencies and exhibitions full of cataloques and rollups had to be cancelled.
Weddings, concerts and other larger events must wait and so must wait wedding cards, posters, entrance tickets and so on...
We have lost most of our orders and our production is kept to a minimum.
We wish to provide work and pay for our employees even during this uncertain period and despite the fact that business cards or other printed materials currently do not sell well.
We were forced to restrict production due to dramatic decrease of orders and find solutions how to provide work and, above all, pay for our employees. We definitely do not want to carry out collective redundancies. We believe, this project gives us a chance to avoid such situation.
Our normal orders used to include embroideries and printing on fabric,
so our company employs few qualified tailoresses, who helped us begin the production of face masks and provide profesional products.

Thank you for your orders!