Modern ecological production

Our printing production is located in a new modern ecological hall with a green roof. The hall has high energy efficiency, minimal heat leakage and maximum use of daylight thanks to large windows and skylights.

The production of each printed matter goes through several production steps in the hall, such as printing, cutting, punching, folding, laminating, binding and the like. The entire production process is consistently digitized. When the printed material is produced, it comes to quality control, where it is rigorously checked. Subsequently, it is ecologically packed and shipped to the customer.

The packaging of printed materials is very important to us. We pack without unnecessary plastics and as efficiently as possible, i.e. without wasting packaging material. For packaging, we use our own cardboard boxes of various sizes, paper adhesive tape with non-toxic glue, and as filling we use recycled paper.

In addition, our smaller shipping cardboard boxes are designed in such a way that you can easily reuse them. Just unfold them, flip them and put them together again. This way, the shipping boxes can get a second life in your homes or offices! You can easily recycle the rest of the packaging material by throwing it into the sorted waste.

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Guarantee of reliability

Guarantee of satisfaction

Guarantee of satisfaction

In case you are not satisfied with printing quality, Expresta shall return your money or create corrected printed materials for you. The guaranty pertains to all types of printed materials up to 150 EUR. For orders with higher amount we shall provide you a free sample.

Safe purchase

Safe purchase and customer satisfaction first

We hold the Trusted Shops certification, which guarantees you fair dealings and a safe purchase. We always see the customer as a long-term partner and take care of the customer accordingly.