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Sales department
"Our customer service is available from 9:30 AM to 6 PM on business days. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to reply to you questions whatever they may be."
ANNA NOSKO, Sales Representative
Price quotes tailored to your needs
"On our website, we offer essential products, but we can also fulfil complex requirements on the graphic and software processing of a design, print, finishing works, completion and distribution. Other services like Variable print, Fulfilment, Drop-shipping, Print on Demand are no problem for us."
MILAN MOTAL, Senior Sales Representative
Invoicing and payments
"Please, address your requirements on invoicing and payments to our department. The easiest way to communicate with us is via email since a written requirement or a document is always required to be annexed to the matters."
ERIKA FÜLÖP, Accountant
Complaints & Satisfaction
"Our every-day objective is to bring customer satisfaction. If you are not 100 % satisfied or you have an idea how to improve our services, we will appreciate if you write to us. We will promptly respond to your requests for your satisfaction."
TATIANA STRAKA, Quality & Satisfaction Manager

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Expresta s.r.o.

Martina Granca 3615/15

84102 Bratislava

Slovakia – European Union

VAT ID: SK2022532600

Our corporate customers, that are in possession of a valid VAT number, will be charged and invoiced at 0 % VAT on all printed materials, additional goods and services.

Under the reverse charge mechanism, we as a supplier do not charge VAT on the invoice and the customer with a valid VAT number pays and deducts respective local VAT through the VAT return (EU corporate customers) or through the customs office (non-EU corporate customers).

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Squarebizz Bory, Hall B

Devínska Nová Ves 7465

84107 Bratislava

Slovakia – European Union

  • 55 minutes from Vienna
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