Your ExpressPrint is changing its name!

We have come a long way in 15 years at ExpressPrint. But from the very beginning, in our DNA has been a tireless effort to make professional printing services truly accessible to everyone. Available for a few clicks on the web, by phone, chat or email. ExpressPrint has a great customer support team that we are proud of, excellent graphic designers and, of course, skilled people in production who make sure that the final product is printed in a high quality and as fast as possible. We are constantly growing, we have built a strong ExpressPrint brand, but we want to go even further, to more countries and for that we need a new name.

Matej Kitka

Company Director

Jacob Minac

Chief Marketing Officer

Why Expresta?

Expresta is a short and simple name, but at the same time it hides a link to speed and printing. It is important for us, because we want to continue to print quickly, with high quality and with 100% customer support. But in addition, the name Expresta also contains something extra – our effort to be accessible to all, to be a tool for everyone to express themselves. Whether you are an entrepreneur, advertising agency, writer, artist, student, child or playful adult, please express yourself!. We want professional printing services to be simple and accessible to everyone, professionals and non-professionals alike. Express yourself through your own book, brochure or stickers. We will assist you :)

Will anything change for me?

Changing the name from to will not affect our services in any way. Our customer service will always be happy to help you and answer all your questions. Our phone number remains the same. Your account and purchase history also remain unchanged. Although we are changing the name, we remain the same company that will continue to offer you high quality products and fast services.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Tatiana Straka

Quality & Satisfaction Manager