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Graphic editing by our graphic designer

Our graphic designer can refine or creatively finish your graphic design. Here, state your requirements that you want to address to the graphic designer. The graphic designer processes the requirements into your graphic design and sends them to you for final approval before printing. 30 minutes of graphic work is free, in case the range of graphic work is larger, we will contact you with a time estimate and price calculation. Graphic work over 30 minutes is charged at the rate of 39 €/hour.

Other requests

In case you have any other requests, notices or information you want to write to us, please put them here. This information will be read by our printing specialists and customer service.

Please note that the planned delivery of the order can be extended by the time required to edit the graphics or to fix graphic defects. ATTENTION, we do not check the grammar of the texts in the graphic design!

Frequently asked Questions

Simply specify your graphic design requirements in the "Graphic editing by our graphic designer" section. Our graphic designers can edit texts, color, images, anything... The graphic designer will then send you a modified design for approval and you can comment on it.
All you have to do is set the required size in the print parameters. Our graphic designer will then adjust the design to the required size and send it to you for approval.
After placing your order, your graphic designer will download your order. It will then process the proposal and send it to you for approval via e-mail. You will also receive a notification via SMS.
If a graphic designer needs to consult with you, they will contact you by email or phone.
The graphic designer will always send you each adjustment for approval, so you have everything under control 100%
After placing the order, your graphic designer will start handling it. The designer will process your requests and send you a design for approval. In case of dissatisfaction, just write your comments to the graphic designer. The graphic designer will work on the design until you are 100 % satisfied. In the extreme case, we will exchange the designer or cancel the order free of charge.
Our basic graphic services (inspection, simple design, preparation for printing, etc…) are free of charge within the order. If you want more complex adjustments or a demanding graphic design, we will notify you in advance that the service will be charged and we will agree the price with you. It can't happen so that in the end you will be surprised by receiving a bill for services you did not know about.