Expresta supports project of various sizes which help a good cause in any way. Our main aim is to cooperate with and be helpful to various non-profit organisations, civil societies, support educations, sport, cultural, artistic and other events (music festivals, exhibitions,...)

Expresta sponsorship

Provided sponsorship includes all polygraphic services - printng of propagational and advertising materials (business cards, leaflets, bulletins,...), as well as cooperation on creation of graphic designs for the above mentioned documents. Sponsoring can also include creation of specific billposting or imprints (t-shirts).

Sponsoring – the way to make yourself visible and save costs

Advertising materials of top quality will represent you at the highest level. They catch attention and will not be unnoticed – and that guarantees a success taking form of new clients, volunteers or other sponsoring

Moreover, sponsoring from Expresta will significantly reduce printing costs of the above mentioned materials. Within cooperation, all these services are obtainable just for variable costs.

You can save from 5 % to 20 % of costs – as exchange for promotion

Contact us, we will gladly support a good cause.

expresta.eu sponsorship
expresta.eu sponsorship

Forms of sponsoring

  • one-off sponsoring or regular sponsoring
  • long-term provision of printing services under exceptionally favourable economic conditions
  • creation of materials and printing of promotional or advertising materials
  • business card printing, letter-heads and various other printed materials for any purpose related to activities which are subject to mutual agreement on sponsoring