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The production time begins to be calculated only after your approval of the graphic design for printing and payment of the order. Therefore, the delivery of the order may be extended by the time required for graphic adjustments or the time of waiting for your payment (especially in the case of payment in advance by bank transfer), etc.
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Before printing, we will check your graphic design and, after consultation with you, we will correct any graphic defects. Please note that the planned delivery of the order will be extended by the time required to correct graphic defects. Attention, we do not check the grammar of the texts in the graphic design!

Our graphic designer can refine or creatively finish your graphic design. Here, state your requirements that you want to address to the graphic designer. The graphic designer processes the requirements into your graphic design and sends them to you for final approval before printing. 30 minutes of graphic work is free, in case the range of graphic work is larger, we will contact you with a time estimate and price calculation. Graphic work over 30 minutes is charged at the rate of 39 €/hour.
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Size: 0mm x 0mm
Dimension with bleed:0
Color mode:CMYK
Resolution:300 DPI
Bleed:2.5 mm on all sides
Crop marks:without crop marks
Ideal format:PDF

Frequently asked Questions

It doesn't matter, we will check your proposal before printing and correct any deficiencies free of charge. We will then contact you to approve the corrections. (When ordering, choose the method "I have my own design" and, if necessary, write to us in the comment, that you are not so sure about the design.)
The designs for printing should be in PDF format with a resolution of at least 300DPI (ideally in curves) with a 2.5mm drop. Crop marks are not required. You can find a more extensive specification here: Basic principles for preparing graphics for print.
If these terms don't mean anything for you, don't despair, please upload us a proposal in any format. Before printing, we will check your proposal and correct any deficiencies free of charge. We will then contact you to approve the corrections. (When ordering, choose the "I have my own design" method)
We will change the data in your design free of charge. We will then send the updated design for approval so that you can review the changes and confirm the design for printing.
We will recreate the design for you free of charge. Afterwards, we will contact you to for you to approve or comment on the proposal.
All you have to do is click on the "Edit graphics for free" option under the editor and write any of your requirements for our graphic designers there. Our graphic desingers can edit texts, color, images, anything... The graphic designer will then send you a modified design for approval and you can comment on it.
All you have to do is set the required size in the print parameters. Our graphic designer will then adjust the design to the required size and send it to you for approval.